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Dope Dead Sea Mud Powder

Rich in minerals also known as Black Mud, is a fine, wet mud made of the soft earth found on the shores and at the bottom of the Dead Sea.   The deepest salt lake in the world. Potassium, magnesium and calcium  our Dope Dead Sea Mud Powder is 100% natural element and offers all the benefits of traditional wet Dead Sea Mud. It has been sun dried to maintain the purity, freshness and beneficial properties of this highly nutritive ocean salt content key ingredient.  Luxurious and well known it has been used for centuries.


This premium quality powder can be simply mixed with water, or it can be combined with our products for face, body, and hair.  Added to your shampoo or ours Dope will help to naturally cleanse the hair and scalp. Fabulous for dehydrated skin, acne blemishes, smooths and tightens skin, helps to encourage growth and repair by increasing blood circulation.  Effective treatment for psoriasis & eczema.


Perfect for also adding with 5 Star Elements other products try with:

- our microdermabrasion face scrub

- fresh face wash deep pore cleanse

- create a luxe supercalifragilistic body wash

- hydrating hemp oil conditioner for a hair mask detox

- extra exfoliation with our body oil for a polishing effect in shower

- our hydrating hemp aloe face cream for a thick deep penetrating mask

- our youth enhancing hemp infused face oil add a few drops with tablespoon of water mix together as a weekly face mask


Dope now gives you the ability to formulate & create at home a luxurious 5 Star spa experience! 


Peta approved cruelty free & vegan.


No Parabens



1.69 oz / 48 g

Made in USA


Our beautiful glass jars imported from Italy are sustainable & can be reused!   


Dope Dead Sea Mud Powder

  • 100% Natural

  • Dead Sea Mud collected from the shores of the Dead Sea.  Sun evaporation dry powder.

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