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2 Months - 2 Cartridges +        3 Soaps

10 - Refills/2 Cartridges made from 100% Recycled Plastic!

3 - 5oz organic shave bars (select 3)


$15 per month.

$3.75 per week.

$7.50 per cartridge.

$5 organic shave soap/per bar.

$1.50 per blade refill/6 shaves.

$0.25 cents per day.



Change soap selections in every order.

Login into your account to update.


Made in USA.

Free Shipping!

2 Months - 2 Cartridges + 3 Soaps

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  • Get our shave soaps and give your skin a organic wash that hydrates, soothes, nurishes, and heals...


    Select 3 shave soaps.


    5 Star Elements shows all choices of star bars & loofah bars.

  • 5 single specialty blade refills = 1 cartridge.


    Simply load an entire cartridge inside the handle.


    The cartridge inside is activated by clicking the star forward and your next blade will appear. The display window shows you what blade your using.


    Every 6 days/shaves you should click to a new blade.  


    Once the cartridge hits the 5th blade you will have only 6 more shaves before inserting an entire new cartridge replacement.


    The specialty wire wrapped blade design makes it a challenge to cut or nick your skin.  Finally stress free shaving with no irritation.

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