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Superstar Razor - Waitlist

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PRE ORDER NOW be the first to get our new Superstar Razor! 1 month supply and offering a bonus gift of the holder $5! Razor orders will always ship free. Zero Irritation, Shave Dry, Shave Wet using only soap. Avoid nicks & cuts with the specialty blade...

*Pre orders will ship as soon as we have produced the inventory.

5 - Refills/1 Cartridge

1 - Disc Handle

1 - Shower Butler Bag Holder - Black

100% Recycled Plastic

Value $22

Pre Order cap which is sold separately on our site.

Made in USA.


Our safety razor has a single wire wrapped specialty blade. Each blade refill is numbered 1 - 5 on the cartridge. The cartridge rotates clockwise 5 times inside the disc shaped handle. Now you don't need to get out of the shower to change a refill! Just click it forward every 6 days. The cartridge is designed to be replaced in a month. Made from 100% recycled plastic! You can even dispose of the cartridge itself with your recyclables. Using tweezers to gentle pull blades out of slots and dispose blades separately in trash.

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